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Laser epilation of leg in a modern beauty shop

Waxing, shaving, waxing, shaving ….. ever get tired of it? Maybe you even get a few in-grown hairs for all your trouble. There’s something else you can do to get a handle on the problem once and for all. Did you know laser hair removal can permanently eliminate up to 90 percent of unwanted hair?

Think about it. After just a few laser treatments you can dare to bare without care. No more finding time to shave ….. forget frequent and costly waxing appointments …… say goodbye to the possibility and discomfort of ingrown hairs! Most any area of the body can be treated, with the exception of eyelashes as it’s unwise for a laser to be in close proximity to your eyes.

In the beginning, the best results were achieved in patients with light skin and dark hair. However, progress in the laser field is such that even patients with dark skin can now benefit. Bear in mind though that because the laser targets the dark pigment in hair, blonde and gray hair cannot be treated effectively.

Here’s what happens during a treatment: A low level of laser energy is directed at the skin. It passes through and is absorbed by the pigment in each hair follicle. In a fraction of a second, all of the treated hair follicles are disabled. The number of treatments required hinges on several factors: hair color, skin pigmentation, hair density, hormonal status and the area being treated.

Many patients liken the sensation of the laser on their skin to the snapping of a rubber band. Those who’ve waxed say it’s a way less painful method. Remember too that with waxing, the hair eventually grows back. With a laser treatment, it never will.

In the aftermath of a laser treatment, you can expect a slight redness of the area and possibly some irritation comparable to what you might experience with a mild sunburn. It’s important to avoid the sun for a couple of weeks as well to prevent post-laser discoloration of the skin.

Embarrassment over excess body hair can easily become a thing of the past. If the convenience of being able to skip shaving underarms, legs, bikini region and more sounds appealing, call to learn more about our laser hair reduction services today.

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