C02 Laser Resurfacing

CO2 Laser Resurfacing has been used for many years. It delivers dramatic results but previously had a very long down-time and could only be used in patients with very light skin. In recent years, advances in this technology have led to the development of fractionated CO2 lasers which deliver the same amazing results and have also cut the down-time by 80%. This laser is used to tighten the skin and to treat fine lines, wrinkles, aged or sun-damaged skin and scarring, including acne scars. One treatment can make your skin look years younger.

The skin has to be prepared for the laser with a cream for several weeks prior to the treatment. The procedure is done with a topical numbing cream to minimize the discomfort and takes about 1 to 1.5 hours. After the treatment, the skin will be red and swollen for about a week, depending on the intensity of the treatment. You will be given instructions on how to care for it to improve the healing time. Protecting the fresh skin from the sun is an important element to the success of the procedure.

Before and after a single laser treatment. Notice the youthful appearance of the skin after this simple in-office procedure.
One treatment alone can significantly improve unwanted acne scars.

The full potential of the treatment is usually seen 4 months after the procedure. Most patients see significant results from a single treatment.