Generalized rashGeneralized rash.

What is a rash?
A “rash” is a general term used for a wide variety of skin conditions that cause inflammation to the skin. It may appear as redness, itching, bumps, pain, burning, scaling or blisters. The cause of a rash can be difficult to determine by the untrained eye, so they should be evaluated in your dermatologists office.

What causes a rash?
Rashes may be caused by dermatitis, an allergic reaction, viral infections, bacterial infections, fungal infections, autoimmune diseases, medications or rarely, certain cancers.

Red rash from contact with cosmeticsRed rash from contact with cosmetics.
Localized rash caused from contact with allergenLocalized rash caused from contact with allergen.

A rash may be a sign of a more serious illness, such as Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, liver disease, kidney disease or some types of cancers. If you experience a rash that does not go away on its own after a few weeks, make an appointment to see one of our dermatologists to have it properly diagnosed and treated.

How will my rash be diagnosed?
Oftentimes just a thorough history and examination will lead your provider to the correct diagnosis. Sometimes other methods may be required for accurate diagnosis, such as a culture, a skin scraping, blood work, or a biopsy of the rash.

How are rashes treated?
That all depends on the reason for the rash. Once you have a correct diagnosis, your dermatologist will treat accordingly. This could range from doing nothing, to using topical creams and ointments, using oral medications, using light therapy, or treatment may even require a referral to another medical specialty.