Evolve Trim, Tite and Tone

Looking for an all-in-one solution to help you get the body of your dreams? Look no further! Skin & Beauty Center offers Evolve system treatments to help reduce body fat, improve muscle definition, and tighten loose skin for a total body transformation!

What is Evolve?

The Evolve body contouring system by INMODE is a total body solution for patients looking for fat reduction, muscle toning and definition, and skin tightening all in one.

The Evolve system features three individual treatments that can be used in tandem to help you look and feel your best. Smooth and contour your figure with:

Evolve Trim: target those stubborn areas of body fat that just won’t budge no matter how much you diet or exercise. This non-surgical body contouring treatment uses ultra-targeted radiofrequency energy to destroy fat cells, which your body will then naturally flush out.

Evolve Tone: get the muscle definition you want with this innovative electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) treatment. This painless process is quick and easy, maximizing your results in just 30 minutes per session.

Evolve Tite: smooth and tighten loose skin and get rid of cellulite with this fully customizable radiofrequency treatment. By targeting the tissues deep beneath the skin’s surface, this skin tightening treatment restores your skin’s natural collagen and elastin for more youthful looking skin.

How Does Evolve Radiofrequency Work?

Depending on the treatment or combination of treatments you select, Evolve’s radiofrequency and muscle stimulation technology can be used to correct a wide range of aesthetic concerns.

Radiofrequency (RF) energy is used to eliminate subcutaneous fat deposits while also stimulating natural production of collagen and elastin in the skin, naturally tightening loose and sagging skin with just one treatment. While not recommended for significant weight loss, RF is a great, non-invasive option for targeting pockets of stubborn fat that diet and exercise can’t remove.

Evolve RF fat reduction treatment is the best option for patients looking to target larger areas of the body. The most common areas of treatment include:

  • Thighs and hips
  • Lower and upper abdomen
  • Upper arms
  • Back and sides

How Does Evolve Electrical Muscle Stimulation Work?

The Evolve body contouring system is also unique in that it also includes electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), a painless technique for getting larger, more defined muscles.

All muscle movement in the body is caused by electrical signals which cause the muscle to contract and relax. The nervous system passes these signals from the brain to the necessary muscles, allowing you to do things like stand, walk, sit, and even breathe.

EMS treatments use this natural process to naturally enhance the muscles in the abdomen, legs, and arms. The low frequency electrical current causes the targeted muscles to contract and relax, building mass and strength. When used in combination with radiofrequency fat reduction and skin tightening treatments, EMS can give you the muscle definition you want without surgery or incisions.

What Can I Expect During Evolve Treatment?

The Evolve body contouring system allows you to get the results you want quickly, and at your convenience. Sessions can be completed in as little as 30 minutes, making your appointment easy to fit into any busy schedule. With no downtime and very little risk of side effects, Evolve treatments are a simple and safe alternative to other cosmetic treatments, like liposuction and skin removal surgeries.

As with all treatments at Skin & Beauty Center, your Evolve treatment begins with a consultation. Our cosmetic experts will take the time to assess your needs and develop a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve your goals.

If you are a good fit for treatment with the Evolve body contouring system, your session will begin with your provider applying a thick layer of conductive gel to the treatment area. From here, they will use either the radiofrequency device or the electrical muscle stimulation nodes to conduct the procedure.

Because Evolve is non-invasive you can get right back to your everyday life immediately after treatment. Some patients may experience some mild skin irritation, muscle fatigue, or other minor discomfort after treatment, but these symptoms typically clear on their own within a few days. If necessary, over-the-counter medications can be used to relieve discomfort, but avoid using anti-inflammatory drugs as they can interfere with the effectiveness of your treatment.

Our providers prioritize your comfort and safety first and foremost, and will closely monitor the entire process. While some discomfort may occur, you should not experience any pain.

How Soon Will I See Results?

Depending on your specific custom body contouring treatment, you can expect to see results within a few weeks of your initial treatment. Fat reduction patients may see some improvement immediately following the session, with the final results visible within about 6 weeks. Radiofrequency treatment for skin tightening or cellulite removal has more gradual results, with many noticing a difference within 2 months of treatment.

Greater muscle definition and toning may require a series of Evolve body contouring treatment for optimal results. Typically patients begin seeing results after about four sessions, but factors like body type, weight, and fitness level may impact when and how much improvement you will see.

It’s important to remain realistic about what to expect from your Evolve treatment. These procedures are best for patients with mild to moderate skin concerns, or who are only looking for minor body sculpting assistance. It is not intended for significant weight loss. Be sure to be open and honest about your goals with your physician during your initial consultation so we can best guide you toward the right treatment.

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