Lip Augmentation

As we begin to correct the signs of aging with various cosmetic procedures it is important not to neglect the lips. The lips naturally loose volume and structural support as we age.

Individual results may vary

Lip augmentation helps balance the overall symmetry of the face and is a crucial aspect of achieving a more youthful and desirable look. this can be achieved through the use of injectable fillers, with Restylane and Juvederm being the most commonly used. These fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, the same natural substance that is found in our skin, therefore minimizing the chances of a reaction with results that look natural. The procedure can be performed with minimal discomfort with either a prior dental block, topical numbing or more commonly with the use of an injectable filler that is premixed with lidocaine.

Lip augmentation usually takes about 15 min to perform. Patients can expect to have some swelling and bruising for 2-3 days. The results last anywhere from 6-12 months with most patients having the procedure performed once a year. This is a procedure with minimal risk and high satisfaction that can be safely performed by your SBC provider. Contact us today for more info.

Individual results may vary

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