What is it?
Sculptra Aesthetic is an exciting, long lasting injectable collagen stimulator that will make you look rejuvenated and more importantly, preserve the collagen that you have now.

How does it work?
Collagen is the key structure for maintaining youthful and smooth looking skin. Sculptra is an FDA approved injectable product that is made from poly-L-lactic acid. It has become a great tool for many dermatologists as a method to treat fine and deep lines and wrinkles while adding facial volume, giving patients a fresh, rejuvenated look. It can be used to correct all areas of the face with volume loss.

Will it work for me? Am I a candidate for treatment?
If your face is looking dull and flattened, Sculptra will restore fullness in these areas. It’s an excellent injectable filler for fine lines and wrinkles. Sculptra is intended for use in healthy individuals of any age but usually between 25 – 65 and suffer from volume loss, fine or deep lines and wrinkles.

What’s unique about Sculptra?
Sculptra is different from many other fillers on the market because the ingredients allow this filler to stimulate your skin’s own collagen production, giving each patient long lasting, and more natural effects. Sculptra can last up to 2 years. In a clinical study patients reported even at the 25-month mark after treatment injections, 80% of the patients were still satisfied with their results.

What else should I know?
A consultation with an SBC board certified provider is required before beginning Sculptra treatments. A typical treatment usually requires 2 – 4 vials. Some patients may need a touch-up at 1 year – this usually requires 1 vial. Full results may take 8 – 10 weeks.

Where do I sign up?
If you have any additional questions regarding Sculptra or are ready to take the next step, schedule an appointment for your consultation and begin your journey to maintaining your natural youthful appearance.