Jeri Rae, SBC Aesthetician

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Jeri Rae received her esthetician license in 2000 with two goals in mind…to clear up her own problem skin and to help others that struggle with sensitive skin.  She has a real passion for skin care and treating acne as she knows the stigma that’s attached to it. Jeri spent years learning everything she could about acne and its triggers and one thing stood out, the importance of good skin care habits.  She even created her own “Acne Dos and Don’ts” list to help people understand some of the triggers she experienced and to stay on course for their in-home skin care.

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Jeri realized that the treatment she performs at the dermatologist’s office is just a small part and that the patient is playing the larger role with their own commitment to an at-home after care routine. Jeri’s goal is to always exceed the patients’ expectations through careful skin analysis, an in-depth interview process to understand a person’s habits, challenges and goals.  Jeri takes great pride in what she does and is thrilled each time a happy patient returns and refers friends and family to her for a treatment.  She knows that earning the trust of her patients is paramount and she continues to expand her knowledge while staying up-to-date on the latest innovations in skin care.

Jeri recently took up golf and enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, Dave, her dog, Ripley and her horse, Cash.

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