SBC's Rejuvenation Thread Lift

What is it?
SBC’s Rejuvenation Thread Lift is a technique that uses absorbable suture material to help lift and volumize different parts of the face and body. This minimally invasive procedure works with small injections that insert the suture material under the skin. Your provider will guide these threads into position to lift, smooth and discreetly rejuvenate areas of volume loss, sagging and aging. The treatment encourages an increase in collagen production at the procedure sites to help rejuvenation. Areas that can be treated include lips, corners of the mouth, cheeks, sagging brows & lids, under eye bags, marionette lines, jowls, chin, neck, creases, folds and general areas of volume loss, droopiness, muscle weakness, wrinkles and sagging.

How long does it last?
SBC’s Rejuvenating Thread Lift procedure will continue to maintain the lifted, repositioned appearance for approximately 12-15 months. A touch up may be necessary at 6 months.

Results for Rejuvenating Thread Lift

Am I a candidate?
The best candidates for SBC’s Rejuvenating Thread Lift are individuals ages 30-65 hoping to achieve a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance by reducing early to moderate signs of aging from volume loss, muscle weakness, drooping, sagging and facial fat loss. It is preferable to have no history of plastic surgery in the areas being treated. All patients are required to meet with our board certified providers for a consultation prior to treatment to review the risks, benefits, alternative treatment options, costs of treatment and expectations for the procedure and healing process.

What is the procedure like?
We use a topical numbing medication to provide maximum comfort to you during the procedure. A small needle is used to insert the absorbable thread suture material into the tissue at the treatment area. The provider guides these threads into place and secures the threads to reposition, lift and support the tissue creating a noticeable rejuvenating difference. With adequate time allocated for topical numbing prior to the treatment, the entire procedure usually takes between 25 – 45 minutes depending on the location(s) and number of threads used.

What can I expect after the procedure?
You will experience redness and slight swelling at the injection areas. In some cases, patients may experience light to moderate bruising.  We recommend not to plan any formal events for at least 7 days following the procedure to allow for adequate healing. You are advised to avoid strenuous physical activity for 24 – 48 hours following the procedure. You may continue your regular skin care regimen and apply sunscreen and makeup as usual. You will notice a continuation of results from your treatment as your body works to restore collagen to the treatment areas.

Is there downtime?
Downtime is minimal and typically includes slight redness and swelling at the injection locations. Lasers and other energy treatments should be avoided for 1 month. Facial massages should also be avoided for 1 month.   

What are the possible complications?
Some patients may experience discomfort at the injection sites, a feeling of tightness at the treatment areas and sometimes short term numbness which will gradually subside.  In rare instances, threads may shift or break and cause irregularity or visibility of the thread. This usually is resolved with a touch up treatment and removal of the thread. Other rare complications include bruising, infection, and damage to blood vessels and nerves.