What is Sculptra® Used For?

You don’t have to get plastic surgery to take years off your appearance. At the Skin and Beauty Center, we provide alternative rejuvenation methods at seven convenient locations across California. We’ll gladly determine which minimally-invasive treatment will meet your unique needs. In many situations, we recommend cosmetic injectables. Injectables can help delay the need for …

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How To Manage Melasma

At the Skin and Beauty Center in California, our providers see patients on a regular basis dealing with imperfections of the skin that make them feel self-conscious about their appearance. A certain type of pigmented skin concern that may develop is melasma. Our team is committed to providing solutions to reduce the appearance of melasma …

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UV Safety Month

July’s clear skies and sunny days make it the perfect time for UV Safety Month! While most people understand that protecting your skin from sun damage is important, the harmful effects of UV light are still largely misunderstood. As part of our public awareness initiative, Skin and Beauty Center breaks down everything you need to …

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