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3 Reasons Why You Aren’t Safer at Home – The Scary Online Trend of DIY Fillers

By Dr. Charles Vainder Whether it is the idea of a spring refresh or improving your Zoom appearance, cosmetic procedures are heating up. Although that is exciting, I have been alarmed by the trend of “DIY filler.” Dermal fillers are a family of products that are placed underneath the skin to enhance the appearance of …

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Can I pop a cyst?

Cysts, growths, and abscesses are bumps that can form on the body and are often filled with fluid. However, these types of growths are different and need to be handled by a professional. Many patients believe that they can pop and drain a liquid-filled growth like this, but it is not recommended for several reasons. …

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Food Allergies

If our immune system had its own Facebook site, its status would always be set to: “it’s complicated.” In an ideal world, it would just fight off infectious organisms and cancer cells and leave non-harmful things, like foods and drinks, alone. But for many of us, it doesn’t. An allergic reaction to foods or drinks …

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Acne Fulminans

Acne Fulminans -Maggie Chow, MD, PhD I think about my patients with acne fulminans often, because often they suffer pain on the skin with their systemic symptoms, and it can take months of regular visits with dermatologists until they start to improve. Sometimes even multiple courses of isotretinoin are not enough to get their disease …

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Leprosy in Los Angeles

Many believe that leprosy (also known as Hansen’s disease) is a disease that has been long eradicated or only a problem of third world countries, but actually this infectious condition is more common and closer to home than we may think. The Los Angeles County Medical Center of the University of Southern California (LAC+USC) is …

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Anatomic Danger Zones for Facial Injection of Soft Tissue Fillers

Injectable soft tissue fillers are currently very popular in aesthetic dermatology, and are useful for replacing facial volume that is lost during the aging process. With experienced and well-trained injectors, fillers can help patients achieve a youthful, refreshed appearance. However, complications can arise when injectors are not experienced or are using products that have not …

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What is Brotox?

The signs of aging on the face, including the formation of fine lines and wrinkles from skin laxity, can make women feel as though they look older than they are. And many women believe that men age much more gracefully than they do. However, men have concerns too, and the formation of dynamic wrinkles on …

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