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If you're interested in maintaining smooth, glowing skin at any age, now is a good time to start seeing an aesthetician. You may take excellent care of your skin at home by washing daily and applying all the popular products. Still, without a professional assessment, you may be missing something that your skin really needs. We are proud to offer a wide variety of cosmetic and medical dermatology treatments in our various locations. Among them are the cornerstones of long-term dermatologic health, such as medical-grade facials and exfoliating treatments. Through the inclusion of aesthetician services in your broader treatment plan. At Skin & Beauty Center we can help your skin look younger and healthier.

What Exactly Does an Aesthetician Do?

An aesthetician is a skin specialist whose primary focus is on maintaining and rejuvenating the appearance of your skin. This skin care specialist performs treatments that cleanse, moisturize, and enhance the skin by addressing imperfections that lay the groundwork for premature aging, breakouts, and other problems. An aesthetician has specific training and familiarity with various products and ingredients, which enables them to assist you in correcting unhealthy skin conditions or in reversing or postponing the signs of aging. At Skin and Beauty Center facilities, our aestheticians perform a variety of treatments, including facials, microcurrent, microdermabrasion, LED facials, chemical peels, and more.

Can More Than One Aesthetician Treatment Be Combined?

It is not uncommon for people to want to combine various beauty treatments. We make this as easy as possible! When you visit a Skin and Beauty Center location, our team will cater to your needs and beauty goals. As is appropriate for your skin type and concerns, your provider may combine two or more services into one appointment. In some cases, it is better to separate services into different appointments so as not to diminish the results of any single treatment.

Do Aesthetician Treatments Irritate the Skin?

Some services can cause minor irritation. Before your aesthetician recommends and performs treatments, you can expect them to conduct a thorough consultation and assessment of your skin. By doing this, they become knowledgeable about your skin type, tone, and needs. It is also important that you tell your aesthetician if you have any allergies. Most people who undergo facial treatments look and feel amazing afterward. Side effects are relatively uncommon, but, if they do occur, are usually limited to temporary redness. This minor inflammation may result from exfoliation or extractions or it may be a mild reaction to a product that was used on the skin. Knowing that there is a slight risk of redness after aesthetician services, you can schedule accordingly, leaving several days in between your appointment and any important events.

How Many Treatments Are Needed for Improved Skin?

One of the great things about receiving aesthetician services is that you don't have to do anything but discuss what you want to accomplish and then sit back and relax. If you schedule facial treatments periodically simply because you know that it will help your skin fight off premature aging and the signs of sun damage, then there is a good chance that every treatment you receive will achieve gorgeous results. If you are struggling with an issue like stubborn acne, it may take about six weeks and a few specialty facials for your skin to start turning the corner. From there, periodic facials are performed to continually remove the oil, debris, and bacteria that could cause acne to recur. The number of aesthetician services that you may need for improved skin will be unique to you. This is a detail of your care that you and your aesthetician will discuss during your consultation.

How Do I Make Sure My New Skin Results are Maintained?

Regardless of how often you schedule your facial treatments with a trusted aesthetician, it is necessary to take great care of your skin at home. Doing so helps prolong the effects of your skin-boosting treatments. Some of the tips that your aesthetician may offer include:

  • Exfoliate, but not too much. Your aesthetician may advise you to exfoliate no more than once a week. This may depend on your skin type and needs.
  • Hydrate! One of the reasons you shouldn't exfoliate too much is that this habit can dry out your skin. To retain moisture, you need a strong skin barrier. Drink plenty of water every day and apply a suitable moisturizing serum made with hyaluronic acid. You may then stack other moisturizers and serums on top of this base.
  • Stay out of the sun. Of course, you will go outdoors sometimes. Wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen can help prevent unnecessary sun damage that degrades your skin.
  • Put in some beauty work. If you really want to maintain the best results from your professional facials, grab a jade roller or gua sha and put in some beauty work at home. These popular home treatments can take less than 10 minutes a day and may help smooth and sculpt your face.

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