What is patch testing and does it work?

skin testing At the Skin and Beauty Center of California, we provide solutions for the skin, hair, nails, and body with a focus on cosmetic, medical, and cosmetic dermatology. While many patients think of contacting a dermatologist for a skin cancer screening or tips on controlling acne, we offer much more in terms of the diagnosis and treatment of various concerns. One service we provide to patients is that of allergy patch testing, which is an effective way to determine the source of allergic contact dermatitis. 

What is allergic contact dermatitis? 

Patients who develop an itch or rash on the skin may call a dermatologist to determine the cause. Oftentimes, this skin reaction is due to an allergic skin reaction called contact dermatitis. When the skin comes in contact with a substance that the patient is allergic to, they will develop an allergic skin reaction. Skin may be red, sore, itchy, cracked, or bleeding due to the skin’s contact. 

What can cause an allergic reaction on the skin? 

There are many substances that can cause a reaction on the skin, so pinpointing which one it is is helpful in providing patients with a direction for relief. Patients may experience an allergic reaction to: 

  •         Ingredients in makeup, shampoo, or soaps
  •         Metals in jewelry they may wear
  •         Medications that they take topically or orally
  •         Fabrics used in the clothing they wear
  •         Rubber or latex products that make contact with the skin

How does patch testing work? 

Patch testing is a safe and reliable way to find the cause of a specific allergic contact dermatitis reaction. A panel of allergens are placed on the skin and left on for up to two days. The panels need to remain in place during this time. Patients return for a follow-up appointment during which the dermatologist will evaluate the severity of the allergic reactions experienced by the patient to pinpoint the specific cause. 

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