Can laser treatments reverse sun damage?

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Even though most patients are aware of the harm that can be caused by sun exposure, many don’t take enough steps to protect our skin from sun damage. Sun damaged skin is often dull, discolored, and is susceptible to premature aging including the development of fine lines and wrinkles. With laser and light-based therapies at the Skin and Beauty Center, patients can obtain healthier skin and reverse the signs of sun damage on their facial skin. 

What are the symptoms of sun damaged skin? 

The doctors at the Skin and Beauty Center will educate patients on the many ways in which their skin might show the signs of sun damage. Below is just a small number of imperfections patients might notice that could indicate that photoaging and sun damage have occurred: 

  •         Sun spots/age spots
  •         Fine lines and wrinkles
  •         Increased number of freckles
  •         Areas of unusual pigmentation
  •         Increased skin laxity

Can laser and light-based therapies reverse sun damage? 

Absolutely! With laser and light-based therapies, skin can be rejuvenated and the signs of aging can be significantly reversed. This is a common solution for patients who want to improve their skins’ health and overall appearance. By eliminating the signs of photoaging and sun damage, many patients will have improved self-confidence and self-esteem. 

How much do laser and light therapies cost? 

Our dermatologists at the Skin and Beauty Center can evaluate a patients who is unhappy with the damage the sun has caused to their skin and determine if these therapies are the best solution. During this time, the cost of treatment can be discussed. Many of these treatments are not “one and done” solutions and may require several sessions to see a significant change in the sun damage. Our team can discuss overall cost and work with patients to provide financing options if needed. 

Ready to reverse years of sun damage? 

Connect with the doctors at the Skin and Beauty Center in California to discuss your specific needs. Find out more about laser and light-based therapies that can enhance and rejuvenate the skin, while reducing the signs of photoaging. We have six convenient office locations throughout California and accept new patients.  

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