Mole Removal Recovery and Treatment

A dermatology consultation of an elderly WomanMoles are common skin growths that are usually benign. However, moles that exhibit the ABCDEs (asymmetry, border, color, diameter, evolving) show signs of melanoma and should be removed by a dermatologist. 

Some patients at Skin & Beauty Center prefer to have moles removed for cosmetic reasons or because they rub against clothing and cause uncomfortable friction. Whether your doctor recommends mole removal or you want it gone for personal reasons, our board-certified dermatologists can help.

How Does a Dermatologist Remove Moles?

Unwanted mole removal is typically an easy and quick procedure that can be performed in a single office visit using local anesthetic. If we notice anything suspicious during your annual skin cancer screening, we can often remove the mole the same day. Our experienced providers shave the mole using a surgical blade or do a punch biopsy to excise the entire mole. Depending on the size of your mole, you may or may not need a couple of stitches. 

A dermatologist generally leaves a tiny, unnoticeable scar when performing mole removal. However, you should never try to remove a mole at home since your risk of scarring and infection is much greater. At-home removal can also mean missing cancer cells.

How Long is Mole Removal Recovery?

Mole removal doesn’t have any downtime. Patients can drive themselves home after the appointment and resume their normal activities the same day. Healing time depends on your health and the size of the removed mole. Your skin will likely be completely healed in two to three weeks.

You might experience some soreness while your skin remodels. That said, mole removal aftercare is fairly simple. You should keep the area clean, moist, and covered while your skin is still healing, and change the dressing once a day or more often as needed. You should also be sure to apply sunscreen to the area after it heals since your new skin may be more sensitive.

Say Goodbye To Unwanted Moles

If you’ve been putting off mole removal because you’re worried about pain or recovery time, there’s no reason to delay this simple procedure any longer! Our warm and welcoming board-certified dermatologists are experts in identifying suspicious moles and removing them with excellent cosmetic outcomes. Call 818-842-8000 to book your appointment at Skin & Beauty Center’s seven convenient locations in Burbank, Northridge, Glendale, West Hills, Santa Clarita, Verdugo Hills, and Pasadena, California.

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