Can BOTOX® Cosmetic Fix a Gummy Smile?

Young woman holding a fork eatingMany people have excessive gingival display, AKA a gummy smile, causing an unwanted amount of gum tissue to appear above the top teeth. If you have this condition and want to correct it, you might think of seeing a dentist or plastic surgeon first. However, some gummy smiles can be fixed with BOTOX® Cosmetic. Read on to learn more about how Skin & Beauty Center providers use this minimally invasive, non-surgical solution to give patients attractive smiles that they can’t stop grinning about.

What Causes a Gummy Smile?

There are a few causes of visible gums, and each responds best to specific gummy smile treatments. These include:

  • Excess gum tissue: Some people experience an overgrowth of gum tissue during the eruption of permanent teeth. In this case, an oral surgeon may excise some gum tissue to show off more of your teeth. Crown lengthening can also make the size of your teeth more proportional to your gum line.
  • A bad bite: If your top and bottom jaw don’t align properly, it could cause the appearance of a gummy smile. Clear aligners or braces could readjust your bite to show less of your gums and alleviate other dental problems like jaw pain.
  • Hyperactive lip muscles: If your facial muscles are hyperactive, they can cause the upper lip to peel up too much when you smile, leading to visible gums. This is where the providers at Skin & Beauty Center can help.

How Does BOTOX Cosmetic Help With A Gummy Smile?

If hyperactive muscles are the cause of your gummy smile, temporarily relaxing them with BOTOX Cosmetic allows your lip to rest in a more natural position. This treatment is also helpful for asymmetrical smiles caused by hyperactive muscles. One of the biggest perks of treating your gummy smile with BOTOX Cosmetic is that there’s no downtime. You can return to your normal activities immediately after this quick treatment and can expect to see improvements in just two to three days.

Enhance Your Smile With BOTOX Cosmetic

If you’re ready to reduce gum visibility and show off your attractive smile, call 818-842-8000 to book your BOTOX Cosmetic consultation in Burbank, Northridge, Glendale, West Hills, Santa Clarita, Verdugo Hills, or Pasadena, California. The experienced providers at Skin & Beauty Center can determine if this treatment is right for you.

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