Melanoma Run 2015 Pics!

This year’s Melanoma Run at the Universal Studios Backlot was awesome! Thank you very much to those who supported and came out to this very worthy cause! And to boot, everyone had a blast!

We invite everyone to come join us next year, make sure you stay in the know by joining our mailing list for future events! If you’re not already signed-up, join our email list here!

… annnd PICS!

Gallery of photos from “Melanoma Run 2015”. For detailed descriptions of the photos below, please contact our office.

Event Photo IMG_3741

Event Photo IMG_3750

Event Photo IMG_3754

Event Photo IMG_3758

Event Photo IMG_3764

Event Photo IMG_3787

Event Photo IMG_3790

Event Photo IMG_3798

Event Photo IMG_3799

Event Photo IMG_3802

Event Photo IMG_3804

Event Photo IMG_3823

Event Photo IMG_3830

Event Photo IMG_3833

Event Photo IMG_3834

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