Can Moles Come Back After Removal?

MolesMoles are common brown spots located on the skin. Even though moles are commonly associated with skin cancer, it is important to know that having moles does not mean that you do have cancer. Instead, many people are born with moles or have them develop over time.

Most moles are harmless and benign. However, that does not mean that everyone loves them. There are many cases where people desire to have moles removed for cosmetic reasons or for health reasons. Either way, you must understand the chances of moles coming back once they are removed.

How Moles Are Removed

When moles are removed, medical professionals typically use one of two methods for the process. These include the shave biopsy and the punch biopsy.

Shave Biopsy

This process involves numbing the skin near the mole to reduce the chance of experiencing pain. The lesion is then cut off from the skin. As the area heals, you will develop a scab. The scab will disappear in a couple of weeks. In some cases, a white round scar may appear in the treated area. However, this is generally far less noticeable than the mole.

Punch Biopsy

The punch biopsy is a little more invasive than a shave biopsy. During this procedure, your doctor will use a small device to cut the mole from your skin. As this process goes deeper than the standard shave biopsy, you may need a stitch or two to close the wound. Punch biopsies can leave a small white line scar in the treated area.

Will the Moles Return?

Each of these treatment options can provide you with a smoother and more attractive skin surface. When having a mole completely removed by a professional, there is a very small chance that the mole will grow back. When moles do grow back, it typically indicates that mole cells were left behind during the removal process.

Recognizing Problems With Moles

With moles, it is always important to look for any new moles or moles that change in appearance. Getting a regular skin examination can help to ensure your moles are not harmful.

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