Skin Care Awareness Month: How Often Should I Get a Skin Exam?

Skin Care To ensure you have a complete early detection strategy in place, it is important to see a dermatologist at least once a year for a complete skin exam. If you are at higher risk of developing skin cancer, you may want to reach out to Skin & Beauty Center more often for a professional, full-body skin exam.

Preparing for Your Examination

There are several things that you should do to prepare for your examination.

Perform a Self-Examination

Prior to attending your skin care appointment for your examination, you should perform a self-exam at home. This will give you the opportunity to review your own body and identify any areas of concern. Keep notes about any new or changing skin conditions to discuss with your dermatologist. It can also be helpful to take photos of any concerning areas over time to show if any changes have occurred.

Remove All Nail Polish

Nail polish can make it difficult to examine the skin beneath the surface. Before your appointment, you should remove any nail polish from your fingers and toes. This ensures you are able to get a thorough examination of your nails and the nail beds below. This is important due to the fact that skin cancer can form there.

Wear Your Hair Down

Take out any buns, hair clips, and poly tails for your appointment. This provides your doctor with the best chance of looking at your scalp. There are many patients who do develop skin cancer on the scalp, so a thorough examination of this area is important.

Take Makeup Remover

If you have any makeup around your eyes or on your face, you should bring makeup remover with you. You should remove all makeup before your appointment to allow the doctor to perform an exam. If possible, refrain from wearing makeup at all to your appointment.

Be Sure to Ask Questions

A skincare exam provides you with the ability to ask questions about any concerns that you have. Use the opportunity to ask questions during your exam, so you have a better understanding of what you may have found or experienced.

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