Can Warts be Prevented?

warts Warts are problematic for many patients. While they are normally pretty harmless, they are contagious and can spread. This is why many patients in California who are worried about the development of warts and want to find a solution to them will connect with the team at the Skin and Beauty Center. Our providers are here to educate patients on warts while answering commonly asked questions. 

FAQ’s about warts 

What are warts? 

Warts are actually skin growths caused by the human papilloma virus. They are skin-colored and raised. They can develop anywhere on the body. While they don’t hurt, they may be in a position on the skin where they rub and become painful. This is especially true for warts that develop on the feet, such as plantar warts. 

What are some complications that can occur with warts? 

While most warts are harmless and can go away over time on their own, there are some complications that may arise if the warts are not treated. This includes their link to cancer, disfigurement of the skin caused by large warts, and the chance of infection that can happen if a wart is cut or picked at. Patients who have warts on certain areas of the body may also experience pain and discomfort due to rubbing. 

How do I prevent warts? 

There is no one way to completely prevent arts. However, patients can lower their risk of developing warts by avoiding HPV, avoiding touching someone else’s wart, or by avoiding sharing of personal items such as razors, clothing, towels, and even nail clippers. Patients may also want to consider the HPV vaccine and use condoms to prevent the development of genital warts. Another step to prevention is to avoid walking barefoot in public places such as locker rooms, public showers, and pool areas. This is also helpful in avoiding fungal infections. 

Do you need more information about warts? 

Warts can be bothersome, and knowing how to avoid them and how to treat them when they occur is critical. If you live in California and want to work with a dermatological team that can help you, call the Skin and Beauty Center. Our providers are pleased to offer a range of services including cosmetic, medical, and surgical dermatology solutions for new and current patients.

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