What A Chemical Peel Can Do For You

Simulation before and after of rough to smooth skin

Uneven skin tone, fine lines, age spots, acne scars – do these kinds
of imperfections sound all too familiar?

Chemical peels continue to grow in popularity and there’s a version
that may be just right for you. Chemical peels are one of the least
invasive ways to improve your skin’s appearance. Depending on the
variety you choose, a series of peels, ranging from four to seven
treatments, may provide the following benefits:

• Reduce the appearance of fine lines
• Even out skin tone
• Fade age spots and melasma
• Help fade the appearance of acne scars
• Boost collagen production
• Improve skin tone
• Rejuvenate skin

At SBC we offer three main types of peels:
Salicylic acid which gently exfoliates, removes the outer layer of
skin and results in a healthy glow. Six to eight peels spaced
approximately three to four weeks apart will gradually diminish fine
wrinkling, even out pigment and effectively treat mild to moderate acne.
Glycolic acid achieves similar results as salicyclic acid except a
slightly stronger solution is used. This peel addresses acne,
hyperpigmentation and scars and melasma sufferers will often see
improvement as well. Safe for most skin types, a series of five
monthly treatments is usually recommended.
Trichloroacetic acid or TCA removes skin cells from both the outer
layer and the upper part of the middle layer of skin. Effective on
acne scars, deeper wrinkles and precancerous skin lesions,
trichloroacetic acid is the strongest of the chemicals we use.
Generally it’s advised this procedure be performed only once or twice
a year.

When administered correctly, chemical peels are very safe and there’s
little risk involved. They’re an effective way to attain the smoother
and younger looking skin you so desire. Arrange a consultation with
the professionals at SBC today to discuss just what a chemical peel
could do for you!

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