Spring Time Acne – is it for real?

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It isn’t your imagination! Acne flare-ups are common in the spring and
here’s why. Warmer weather draws people outdoors where they tend to be
more active. And while exercising and participating in sports is
great ….. at the same time rising temperatures can cause your skin
to amp up oil production. When your sebaceous glands start generating
more oil, there’s a good chance acne may follow. Here’s how to avoid a
worst case scenario:

Keep hair away from your face while exercising
When you sweat, small traces of hair products and natural sebum from
your scalp can transfer to your skin and cause breakouts, particularly
on your forehead. Pull on a sweat absorbing headband to prevent that
from occurring.

Cleanse thoroughly following a workout
Lavish attention on your face and wash it as soon as possible to avoid
breakouts. If you don’t have time to shower immediately following
exercise, consider using convenient moist towelettes to wipe skin
clean – especially if you’re prone to back acne. There are products on
the market today that are specially formulated to remove dirt and
sweat in a hurry.

Protect and Moisturize
Of course it’s essential to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen with an
SPF of 15 or higher before you head outdoors…. and it may be
necessary to reapply if you work up a real sweat. Look for an oil-free
formula to help minimize breakouts.
Finally, if you’re tempted to skip moisturizing your skin, especially
if it’s feeling oilier than usual – don’t! This can actually cause
your sebaceous glands to produce even more oil to compensate. Here at
SBC we recommend using the Piel MD Oil-Free Moisturizer. Part of the
Piel MD® Treatment System, this oil-free moisturizer is designed to
keep skin hydrated and prevent what is known as “rebound” acne, caused
from skin producing excess sebum and becoming overly oily.

So this season, spring ahead into the great outdoors and embrace
fitness. Follow these tips and acne won’t be able to intrude!

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