How can skin discoloration be treated by a professional?

Men and women in the area of California who are concerned about discoloration that has developed on the skin will want to work with the team of the Skin and Beauty Center to receive a proper diagnosis and discuss appropriate treatment options. Our professionals can educate patients on the cause of their pigmentation issues and then assist them in finding the best solution.

What causes skin discoloration?

Skin discoloration can happen for a variety of reasons. Brown spots, area of excessive pigmentation, and even a lack of pigmentation can occur on the skin. Most patients find that these spots or areas are caused by sun exposure or certain conditions. This may include sun spots, birthmarks, rosacea, melasma, or vitiligo. Once a patient has been evaluated for their skin discoloration concerns and has received a proper diagnosis of their condition, they can then work with the team of the Skin and Beauty Center to discuss possible treatment options.

What treatments are used for skin discoloration?

The treatment used to address pigmentation concerns varies depending on the cause of the issue. For patients who have melasma, which can occur when hormonal changes happen, the skin may return back to its normal color after stopping hormone therapies or having a baby (as many cases of melasma occur in pregnant women). Other conditions, such as brown spots or birthmarks, may require light or laser therapies. In some situations, a doctor may also recommend the use of a bleaching topical solution to use to lighten the area and even out the skin’s overall tone and complexion. Choosing the treatment right for you happens with the assistance of our team of professionals at the Skin and Beauty Center.

How can I reduce the risk of skin discoloration?

The only way to reduce skin discoloration that is caused by sun exposure is to protect the skin when outdoor with a high SPF broadband sunblock every day. Other concerns may develop without sun exposure, which is why a proper diagnosis is key to determining cause and treatment.

Are you considering the treatment of skin discoloration?

Work with the team at the Skin and Beauty Center to discuss your options, and work with our experienced staff in improving skin texture and tone with today’s latest treatment options.

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