Give Yourself the Gift of Latisse

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Do you know that with just a little advance planning you could have
gorgeous eyelashes by Valentine’s Day? Give yourself the gift of
longer, thicker and darker lashes this holiday season and start a
course of prescription Latisse. Approved by the FDA, Latisse is
described as the “miracle” lash grower – but it was actually
discovered quite by accident.

A little over 10 years ago, ophthalmologists came to rely on an
eyedrop known as Lumigan to treat glaucoma. It became the most
prescribed glaucoma medication in America. It was also found to have
an interesting side effect – it made eyelashes grow like crazy!
Patients who rubbed a little Lumigan on their eyelashes nightly with a
Q-tip were soon rewarded with lustrous and longer lashes. So naturally
the company that makes Lumigan worked hard to get FDA approval for a
new product that used Lumigan to grow eyelashes and voila! in 2008
Latisse was born.

Latisse uses the same main ingredient as Lumigan – bimatoprost
ophthalmic solution – 0.03%. The difference is the packaging and the
special brushes supplied to apply the medication – no need for Q-tips
anymore. Simply apply Latisse to the base of your eyelashes nightly.
Many patients report seeing improvement after just 8 weeks with full
results in 16 weeks. Research has shown 80% of people who use Latisse
report growing longer, thicker, and even darker lashes.

Side effects are rare but may include temporary redness of the eye or
darkening of the eyelid skin, itching and irritation. Rumors abound
that Latisse can possibly make the iris (colored part of the eye)
permanently darker. It’s worth remembering that Latisse is used
topically, unlike Lumigan, so if used correctly permanent eye color
change should not be an issue.

’Tis the season of tinsel and mistletoe but take a moment if you can
and plan beyond. Consider starting a course of Latisse today. Just
think how great 2014 will look when glimpsed from beneath long
lustrous lashes!

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