Halloween Makeup Tips

Halloween Zombie

Ghoul, zombie, witch….. what look are you going for this Halloween? If it involves a heavy coat of makeup to complete the look, be sure and take a few skin care precautions first:
Use oil-free or water-based makeup. Sure, grease-based Halloween makeup found at the local dollar store might save you some cash but it could stir up multiple skin problems, especially if you’re acne-prone.
Refrain from using homemade makeup. Again, it might sound cost-effective to devise your own greenish tint but that usually involves using food coloring ….. which unfortunately can stain your skin. Do you want your skin to have an other worldly glow well into November?
Prep your skin. Prior to applying makeup, apply moisturizer. It’ll help your face stay fresh and hydrated and it lends costume makeup a smooth finish.
Forget using glue! Use Spirit Gum adhesive to apply facial hair, latex or foam accessories onto your skin. Commonly used in the theatrical industry, it has strong holding powers but is safe on skin. Be sure and follow package instructions for proper removal.
Take your makeup off once the night is over. The party or trick-or-treating might have worn you out, but don’t give into the impulse to just flop down and go to sleep. Leaving thick makeup on overnight can cause your pores to clog and skin breakouts to occur in following days.
Use makeup remover to carefully wipe all remnants of disguise from your face. If it’s an especially thick layer, begin the task by rubbing gently with makeup remover towelettes.
Moisturize your face once again when all makeup is removed.

Have fun but be kind to your skin this Halloween!

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