Are UV nail lights bad?

Many women enjoy having their nails done, and there is a lot of talk about the UV nail curing lamps that are used during the process. These lamps are used as a curing method for gel nails, gel nail polish, and acrylic nails in salons. They can also be purchased online for personal use. These lamps are known for emitting ultraviolet radiation. So are UV nail lights bad?

Understanding UV exposure

UV exposure is what increases a patient’s risk for skin cancer. UVA and UVB rays are emitted from the sun and can penetrate into the skin. This exposure can cause a development in skin cancer cells. These ultraviolet lights can increase one’s risk for skin cancer. However, it is important to understand how much exposure is needed to deem the light “bad” or “harmful.”

UV light used in nail curing devices at salons or in the home is incredibly insignificant when compared to time spent outdoors without sunblock or minutes in a tanning bed. According to the FDA, nail curing lamps that use UV light are low risk when they are used according to their labeled directions. Studies were completed that left patients exposed to 30 minutes daily of the UV light and patients were still well below the occupational exposure limits for UV radiation. This study, published in 2013, supports the fact that these lights, when used as directed, will not impact one’s risk. To date, the FDA has not received reports of patients being impacted by cancer or burns linked to the use of UV lamps.

What if I am sensitive to UV light?

If you already take medication or have a condition that makes you more sensitive to UV light, you should always talk to a dermatologist before knowingly increasing your exposure. This is the safest way to reduce the risk of problems associated with excess UV light energy.

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