5 Reasons Not to Skip Sunscreen

Suncreen on back

The heat is on! And even if you’re not headed to the ocean or pool to
cool off…. chances are you’re spending more time outdoors these
days. Maybe it’s a picnic in the park, a theme park trip with the
kids, a bicycle ride down the boardwalk or gardening around the house
– the point is, the sun is bearing down on you. Are you doing your
best to protect your bare skin? In other words, are you applying
sunscreen on a daily basis? Here’s what you gain by doing so:

1) Maintain Younger-Looking Skin
Regular use of sunscreen helps prevent skin from aging prematurely.
Why speed up development of fine lines and wrinkles unnecessarily?

2) Lessen Your Risk of Skin Cancer
Everyone need protection from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.
Always check the label for a product that provides broad spectrum

3) Prevent A Possible Sunburn due to Medications
Many medications make your skin extra susceptible to the sun – these
include ones treating anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular and acne
conditions. Best to check with your doctor regarding severity but in
most cases an application of sunscreen should protect as you go about
your daily business.

4) Minimize Skin Discoloration
Brown spots, future age spots, fine facial red veins and general
blotchiness – who needs any of these? Use sunscreen regularly and
lessen your chances.

5) Receive Combined Benefits
Check the label of your favorite lotion or moisturizer and you’ll
likely see it has sunscreen built right in! You can moisturize and
apply sun protection all at once. Very convenient and now you really
have no excuse!

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