Top 3 Reasons to Get Your Cyst Removed

Fibroma on the male back Epidermoid cysts, sometimes called pilar or sebaceous cysts, are among the most common skin conditions we treat at the Skin & Beauty Center. These closed sacs form when your surface skin folds in on itself and dead skin cells can’t shed. While most cysts are benign and asymptomatic, there are a few reasons you might want to remove them.

Fortunately, epidermal cyst removal is a straightforward outpatient procedure. Our providers numb the area with a local anesthetic before excising the cyst and carefully closing the incision to leave minimal scarring. If you have an uncomfortable or unattractive cyst, read on about the top reasons for removal or call 818-842-8000 to book an appointment at one of our Los Angeles area offices.

1. The Cyst Is Causing Discomfort

Epidermal cysts sometimes cause discomfort if they create friction between your clothing. Ganglion cysts also commonly develop on joints or tendons, which can cause issues with mobility. Cyst removal can quickly alleviate any symptoms.

2. You Don’t Like the Appearance of the Cyst

Our patients often choose to remove cysts for cosmetic reasons. If you have a cyst in a visible area like your hands or face, removal typically provides good aesthetic results with a barely visible scar. It’s important to see a qualified provider like our board-certified dermatologists rather than trying home removal. Attempting to remove a cyst at home can lead to infection or noticeable scarring.

3. The Cyst Shows Signs of Being Malignant or Infected

Cysts are generally completely benign. However, you might mistake a malignant tumor for this harmless skin condition. In this case, our providers will remove the lump and order diagnostic testing. Epidermoid cysts can also become infected or abscessed, especially if home removal is attempted. If you notice tenderness, soreness, redness, or oozing, your cyst should be removed by a dermatologist and treated with antibiotics.

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Whether your cyst is causing discomfort or you just don’t like the look of it, the Skin & Beauty Center’s experienced providers can help. To book a cyst removal consultation at one of our seven convenient Los Angeles area locations, call 818-842-8000.

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