The Psychological Effects of Acne

young man with acne problem and magnifier at homeNearly everyone will develop acne at some point, but that’s rarely a comfort to hear if you’re struggling with this common condition. While the occasional pimple or breakout is bound to happen, severe acne can have a more serious psychological impact.

If you find yourself anxious in social situations or avoiding activities you enjoy because you’re embarrassed, it’s time to seek acne treatment at a dermatologist. Our caring providers at Skin & Beauty Center have helped countless patients minimize acne.

What Is the Emotional Impact of Acne?

Whether you’re dealing with common teen acne or are a frustrated adult who thought your breakout days were behind you, spots can make you feel shy or unattractive. While the clinical significance is rarely serious, the psychological effects of acne can negatively impact your life.

People with acne are at a significantly higher risk for anxiety and depression. For adolescents, this is often compounded by other rapid changes during puberty and school bullying. This acne trauma can have long-lasting effects on self-esteem even after your spots are gone. On the other hand, if you have adult acne, you might feel out of place with your peers, causing insecurity during social events. 

How Can I Get Rid of My Acne?

Hormones, excess sebum, bacteria, and inflammation can all contribute to acne vulgaris, and finding a skincare routine to target the root cause can be difficult to do on your own. At Skin & Beauty Center, our acne treatment plans are as unique as our patients. 

Our providers generally combine several treatment methods to promote clearer skin. For example, we can prescribe stronger topical or oral medications if over-the-counter products aren’t working. We might also recommend laser treatments or chemical peels to resurface the skin. Occasionally, cortisone injections can provide relief from stubborn cystic acne.

While it might seem cheaper to use drugstore products for acne, it usually takes a lot of trial and error. Visiting one of our knowledgeable dermatologists can save you time and money you would have otherwise spent on ineffective acne treatments.

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