Vitamin C Collagen Booster


• Research suggests that the growth factor TGF-beta-1 can play a significant role in stimulating collagen growth and strong tissue structure reducing the tell-tale signs of aging
• The unique delivery system ensures Vitamin C and TGF beta-1 stability, while enhancing penetration for optimum results
• Can assist in stimulating improvement in skin tone resulting in younger, healthier looking skin
• Odorless

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Truly the next generation of age-defying products, the Piel MD® Vitamin C Collagen Booster combines the antioxidant benefits of the effective, stable Vitamin C Serum with the human growth factor TGF-beta-1. The 10% Vitamin C in the Collagen Booster has been formulated with a patented Polymer Matrix Technology System which provides an enhanced means of delivering stabilized L-ascorbic acid into the skin. May be used with the Age-Defying Night Serum for enhanced age-defying benefits.

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