The 5 Most Common Causes of Hair Loss in Women

hair loss You might lose anywhere up to 100 strands of hair every day–and up to 250 strands when you wash your hair. If you lose more than that, you could have noticeable hair loss. Symptoms of hair loss include several factors, including seeing patches of visible scalp, hair that looks thinner, lots of hair left on pillows, clothes, towels, and the shower drain, and more than the normal amount of hair left in your brush or comb.

Here are some of the most common causes of hair loss in women.

1. Female Pattern Baldness (Androgenetic Alopecia)

You can inherit this from your mother or your father. Androgenetic alopecia affects about 30 million American women. Most women start noticing it in their late 50s to 60s. Hormone changes caused by menopause can also cause female pattern baldness.

2. Anagen Effluvium

Certain medications, such as chemotherapy and radiation, can harm hair follicles. This is called anagen effluvium. Your hair will usually start growing back after you finish treatments. However, it could take anywhere from weeks to months for your hair to grow back.

3. Stress

Extreme physical stress from experiences like undergoing surgery or giving birth can often cause hair loss. Emotional stress, including grief, can also cause hair loss. The hair loss could even start as long as six months after the stressful period. In most cases, stress-caused hair loss is temporary, and your hair should start growing back in six to nine months after peak symptoms.

4. Improper Nutrition

Your diet can cause hair loss. If you don’t eat well, you may not get enough of the nutrients your hair needs, including iron and protein. Too much Vitamin A or not enough Vitamin D can also cause hair loss.

5. Traction Alopecia

The way you style your hair can cause hair loss. For example, wearing it in tight braids or ponytails can cause hair loss. The high heat from styling tools, harsh chemicals from perms and hair bleaching, and over-shampooing can also cause hair loss. If chemicals cause enough damage to a hair follicle, the hair may not grow back.

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