Considering “Brotox?” Here’s What You Need to Know

Botox cosmetic for menYou may be familiar with BOTOX® as one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. BOTOX is commonly used by women to improve wrinkles and fine lines and to smooth their facial skin. However, BOTOX isn’t just for women but for men looking to achieve similar results. Let’s take a look at what BOTOX cosmetic for men looks like.

How Does BOTOX Work?

Some men may be unfamiliar with how BOTOX works and how it can benefit them. BOTOX is made from a bacteria strain of C. botulinum and is purified into a substance containing protein and a toxin. The toxic acts as a neuromodulator to paralyze and relax muscle tissue. The toxin is in such small amounts that only light paralysis occurs and is FDA-approved to be safe. The relaxation of the muscle from BOTOX comes with various cosmetic benefits.

Benefits of BOTOX In Men

Men receive the same benefits as women do from BOTOX. Skin becomes smoother, wrinkles lessen, fine lines fade, and the skin appears younger as facial muscles relax. BOTOX is used in plenty of facial treatments like crow’s feet, laugh lines, forehead wrinkles, gummy smiles, and more. It can give men greater confidence and comfort with their appearance. Some men wish to look younger. BOTOX can also help with harsh lines between the eyebrows that make some men appear angry, rugged, or elderly.

How Long Does It Last?

BOTOX generally lasts around three to four months. It’s common for treatments to be done in one to four sessions a year. The temporary nature of BOTOX can be helpful if you’re unsatisfied with the results. BOTOX is temporary in order to make sure the toxins are in a small dose, and any paralytic effects on the muscle aren’t extremely potent.

BOTOX Is For Men Too

Men deserve to have the skin they want, just like women. That’s why our team at Skin & Beauty Center provides BOTOX to both men and women. We understand that the world of cosmetic procedures can feel overwhelming at times, especially for first-timers. That’s why our staff explains every procedure and step in detail so all patients feel as comfortable and informed as possible. Take the first step toward smooth skin with BOTOX and contact the Skin & Beauty Center at 818-842-8000 today.

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