Understanding warts

Men, women, and children with skin-colored bumps and lesions on their hands or elsewhere may be wondering what they are experiencing and if it needs medical attention. In most situations, these imperfections are essentially warts. Warts are a growth that can develop due to a virus in the skin known as HPV. The lesions themselves, though, are relatively harmless. They may become numerous over time, spreading on the skin, and depending on their location, they might also become painful. Patients bothered by warts can come to the Skin and Beauty Center of California to get a proper diagnosis and discuss possible treatment options.

Where do warts come from?

Warts are caused by a virus that is passed with physical contact. Touching warts or surfaces that the warts have touched can lead to the development of warts on another individual due to the spread of the virus. Patients who have warts should do their best to avoid spreading the virus to others, which is why it is so important for others to monitor skin to skin contact with those displaying warts. Other high-risk locations of contracting the virus include locker rooms, pool decks, public showers, and even yoga mats. By wearing proper footwear and protection, most individuals can avoid the virus. Anyone who comes into contact with warts may be at risk of developing warts themselves, though some are more susceptible than others.

What treatment options are available for warts?

There are a number of different methods available for the treatment of warts to not only eliminate them but to reduce the spread of the virus to others in the family or workplace. Choosing a treatment option is often done with the assistance of our providers to ensure the treatment fits one’s lifestyle and unique needs. Treatment may include:

  • At home topical medications
  • Liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy)
  • Injections
  • Lasers

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