VitiligoWith the many different skin tones that exist in people, one thing is constant: white patches are never normal. Vitiligo has been recognized and documented for thousands of years, and it can happen in all races and colors. Having this condition can mean that you and relatives might be at higher risk for other autoimmune issues, too.

Despite vitiligo existing for millennia, there’s, unfortunately, still no cure. Trying to suppress a person’s immune system to keep it from attacking the skin cells that produce color can come with risks. But, depending on the management strategy tried by you and your doctor, these risks can be minimal.

Lydia Carpenter

Some people choose not to treat vitiligo, which is perfectly fine—it’s a very personal decision. However, because there are other skin conditions, some that are more easily treated and some that are serious, that can look similar to vitiligo, let us help you get the right diagnosis.

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