Can I pop a cyst?

istock 541592868 1Cysts, growths, and abscesses are bumps that can form on the body and are often filled with fluid. However, these types of growths are different and need to be handled by a professional. Many patients believe that they can pop and drain a liquid-filled growth like this, but it is not recommended for several reasons. Instead, patients should leave treatment of these growths to a professional. At the Skin and Beauty Center, we help California-area patients with removal and treatment of fluid or pus-filled bumps.

What is a cyst?

A cyst is a fluid or pus-filled growth that can appearance anywhere in or on the skin and body. Some are located underneath the skin, such as sebaceous cysts, while others might be located on the skin and in specific areas, such as the baker’s cyst which develops behind the knee. In most cases, cysts are not really considered a true medical problem as they are not cancerous. However, depending on where they are located, they may become sore or uncomfortable.

Can I remove a cyst on my own?

It is never recommended that patients pop or remove a cyst or other abnormal growth on their skin without the assistance of a dermatologist. A dermatologist can evaluate the lump to give patients a proper diagnosis and discuss the best possible treatment for their needs. Our professionals work routinely with patients who have growths that need to be removed, and offer a few solutions. If a cyst is bothersome, our team at the Skin and Beauty Center can safely and effectively drain and remove cysts and others growths that may develop on or under the skin.

Are you concerned about a cyst or growth?

Instead of taking risks in popping a cyst or removing a growth, it might be time to speak to a dermatologist who can safely and effectively address these issues with less consequences and improved safety. Contact the Skin and Beauty Center in California to book an appointment at any one of our six convenient office locations and work with our provider to get the best possible care in the field of cosmetic, medical, and surgical dermatology.

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