How do you treat rashes?

copy of istock 1137585930 1 At some point or another, many individuals have developed a rash. A rash can be uncomfortable, embarrassing, and even frustrating depending on how long it lasts. Because there are many reasons why an individual may be dealing with a rash, it is sometimes a good idea to work with a dermatologist to get the proper care and attention needed to treat it. With a proper diagnosis and a medical professional’s recommendations, many patients can control unwanted rashes with someone they can trust at the Skin and Beauty Center.

What causes skin rashes?
Rashes can develop for a wide range of reasons, with some of the most common being: 

  •         Irritation
  •         Inflammation
  •         Bug bites
  •         Eczema
  •         Psoriasis
  •         Allergic reactions
  •         Staph infections
  •         Bacterial diseases
  •         Ringworm

What is the best treatment for a rash?

When patients visit their dermatologist with a rash, they will first speak to the doctor about when the rash developed and how long it has been present. An evaluation will be performed in order to provide a proper diagnosis regarding the type of rash, which allows the team to make an educated decision regarding the best treatment plan. Treatment depends heavily on the cause of the rash, and may include any of the following therapies: 

  •         Avoidance
  •         Hydrocortisone cream
  •         Anti-fungal creams
  •         Bacitracin or steroid cream for allergic reactions
  •         Antibiotic creams
  •         Oral medications
  •         Antihistamines

How do I prevent a rash?

If you know what caused your rash, it is a good idea to avoid that product that cause the reaction. However, rashes are often unexpected and not always preventable. Regardless, we advise patients to keep their skin clean and reduce their use of chemical products if they find they are sensitive to them. Additionally, seeing your doctor when any problems arise is a great way to not only stay on top of flare-ups, but have a better understanding of what causes rashes on your own, unique skin.

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