Are You Ready for Swimsuit Season?

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While you shop for the perfect swimsuit to wow at the beach this summer, are you discovering a sad truth? Are you realizing that despite logging hours at the gym and careful dieting, you’re still troubled by stubborn fat pockets? If so, then you could be an ideal candidate for a new solution that contours your body effortlessly and can easily make you swimsuit ready.

Revolutionary Technology
It’s called CoolSculpting and this revolutionary technology will soon have you saying good-bye to love handles and muffin tops that threaten to spoil your summertime look. The FDA-cleared, completely non-surgical and non-invasive treatment allows you to achieve the body contour you desire …. with no downtime! Schedule a session during your lunch hour and then resume your day.

How does it work? Well, during an initial consultation your problem areas will be pinpointed and a treatment plan devised to meet your goals and realistic expectations. After extensive research, the Skin and Beauty Center has embraced CoolSculpting as an effective method to remove unwanted fat and deliver the contoured body people always seek.

The Details
Typically one hour of treatment time is all that’s needed to start the process. It’s relatively painless – you’ll likely feel a firm tug followed by intense cold as the CoolSculpting device is activated on the targeted area. The fat bulge is drawn up between two cooling panels and the fat cells are cooled to trigger their demise. Because fat is more sensitive to cold, only those cells will respond. There will be no effect on surrounding tissue or muscle.

Once your CoolSculpting session is complete, the magic can begin. Over the course of following weeks, your body will naturally eliminate the now dead fat cells. The void will cause remaining cells to condense and you’ll begin to notice an overall reduction of the fat layer you’ve struggled so mightily to shed. As long you continue to maintain your healthy lifestyle, the treated fat cells will not come back.

Bring on the Beach
Call our offices today and get started on the solution. Your continued healthy lifestyle coupled with CoolSculpting’s finesse will have you rocking a swimsuit this summer!

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