4 Tips for Skin Care on the Go

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Are you planning on traveling this summer? Short trip or long, your
skin care routine will likely need some adjustment. A change of
environment can have a dramatic effect on your skin and you need to
counteract the possibility of any damage occurring.

1) Moisturizing is a must
Did you know air travel can have a dehydrating effect on the skin?
Applying a moisturizer the night before a flight can help prevent skin
from losing too much moisture while enroute. Also, spare use of make-
up on the day of the flight will prevent pores from clogging and allow
the moisturizer to do its work.
Summer travel almost always involves sun exposure (more on protection
from harmful rays in a moment) which can be very drying so it’s a good
idea to pack a quality moisturizer to rehydrate your skin each night.
Smooth some on while your skin is still damp after showering. And
don’t forget to tuck a soothing lip balm with SPF into your bag to
apply throughout the day and before bed each night!

2) Slather on the Sunblock
The importance of packing a broad spectrum sunscreen can’t be stressed
enough. To be safe, you’ll probably need to buy a product with a
higher SPF than you normally use depending on your destination. If
you’re vacationing in the mountains, for example, you’ll be exposed to
8 to 10 percent more UV rays with every 1,000 feet of elevation. If
you’re headed to the beach, note that both water and sand can reflect
up to 80 percent of the sun’s rays, adding to your overall exposure.
Shimmering swimming pools and surrounding concrete effectively do the
same. In addition, you’re likely exposing sections of your skin you
don’t commonly reveal. So don’t skimp on sun block! And when your
activities center around the beach or pool, be sure to use a product
that’s water-proof and reapply as directed.
Remember, too much UVR from the sun causes skin damage and sunburn to
exposed skin, and increases the risk of developing melanoma and other
forms of skin cancer later in life.

3) Cleanse as usual
Vacation doesn’t translate into time off from your usual face
cleansing rituals. Since the balance of your skin can be disrupted by
a change in cleanser, be sure to pack your usual brand. And while the
products a hotel provides in those cute little bottles may prove
tempting, it’s best to refrain. You’ll probably be fine sampling their
body lotion or shower gel, but skip the facial-care products as more
often than not they’re badly formulated and overly fragranced.

4) Pack with care
Hopefully you have a toiletry bag to separate your skin care and other
personal products from clothes inside your suitcase because containers
are prone to leak! In a pinch, large plastic food storage bags with a
zip lock top will prevent any seepage.
IMPORTANT: You’ll need to pay close attention to product size when
traveling by air if you’re planning on using only a carry-on. All of
the liquids you bring on a plane (and yes, that includes facial
cleanser, sunblock, and moisturizer) must fit in a 1-quart, zip-top
bag and none of the individual containers can be larger than 3.4
ounces. Any larger and you’ll risk having your 4.5 ounce bottle of
expensive cleanser tossed by security before you ever get on board!

Happy travels!

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