I really like SBC. I went there for a bad ingrown hair problem on my face and neck due to my shaving habits, hair type, etc. Dr Sadaat told me “don’t worry, we will keep working on this until we fix it”. He started out by recommending a new shaving regimen which I liked because he didn’t jump straight to the prescription medicine route. Eventually, I was prescribed some prescriptions and given advice about when and how to use them. After a few visits and persistence, Dr Sadaat and I fixed my ingrown hair problem. People have even commented about how much more clear my face is.

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B.R. 4/16/12

I also like that Dr Sadaat has great people skills. For example last time I went he smiled, shook my hand, and said good to see you again it’s been a while. Also, the front desk manager (I believe her name is Jennifer), was always very nice every time I went and we usually converse about things unrelated to dermatology which makes me feel very welcome there. I recommend this business to anyone seeking skin help!
- B.R. 4/16/12

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M.S. 6/15/12

I was looking for a dermatologist and happened to be in the building visiting my dentist. I decided to see Dr. Saadat and was very happy. The staff are courteous and friendly, plus competent. Dr. Saadat was thorough and took the time to talk to me.
- M.S. 6/15/12

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V.S. 8/11/12

Wow!! I am very impressed with this place! typically when i go to any doctor/ med spa/ etc. i’m made to wait regardless of my appt. time. here, i arrived, was seen and out in about 20 min. I had botox 2 weeks ago but wanted to wait until my results set in before I posted any reviews. I”m definately happy on that end, but overall this is a very proffessional place. I received a call a couple days after my appt to check if I was ok, and if I had any questions to just call back! definately will be going back :)
- V.S. 8/11/12

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S.H. 12/29/12

I had a good experience with this office. I was able to get an appointment right away when i called. The doctor was very professional and took the time to answer all of my questions. His staff was also very professional and answered my questions as well.
- S.H. 12/29/12

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B.K. 3/30/13

I was referred to Dr. Manjunath Vadmal by my primary physician. Had to be seen twice…both times there was practically zero wait time, the staff was extremely nice, the doctor was quick and painless (had to have a suspicious mole removed…I was literally in and out in 30 minutes) and the parking was fairly convenient too. I liked the fact that everything was explained to me and that I was put at ease that I had nothing to worry about.
- B.K. 3/30/13

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M.B. 4/27/13

EXCELLENT. Dr. Vadmal is great! Quick, easy, painless, calm, friendly. He explains everything and is very knowledgeable. The staff is also very kind, friendly, and professional. The rooms are clean. If you’re lucky you can get street parking for free, if not, the lot is not very expensive. I am so happy to have been referred to Dr. Vadmal by my wife. I have been treated for both acne and small skin surgeries. Vadmal is the best and has saved my life many times. It is a relief knowing that with regular visits, he will always do his best to prevent me from getting skin cancer or breaking out!
- M.B. 4/27/13

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D.N. 4/28/13

Dr. Vadmal is the best. I have seen a lot of dermatologists, and he is by far the best. He is an expert in his field and amazingly knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone. Great doctor.
- D.N. 4/28/13

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L.P. 5/3/13

Dr. V and Lan, his assistant are AWESOME! The rest of the office staff are attentive and professional. Dr. V was referred by my GP and I’ve had FABULOUS results! After seeing other dermos in the valley & beverly hills who “just wanted to charge my insurance co” for mole removals-I had enough. This is the BEST decision I ever made and hope you all give this office a try, you will not be dissappointed.
- L.P. 5/3/13

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J.R. 8/18/13

I have seen Dr Saadat for five years now. He found something on my back that he biopsied. He called and said the results were inconclusive but lets not take a chance. He came in DURING his Xmas vacation to take it off. He felt that strongly in that the sooner the better. I was relieved and grateful.I really like and respect him an feel the level of care is superb. His whole staff is helpful and congenial. I am a happy camper!.
- J.R. 8/18/13

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