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Cyst Removal in Southern California

Epidermal cysts, sometimes called epidermoid or sebaceous cysts, are growths that develop from damaged hair follicles just under the skin’s surface. These are usually benign, but if your cyst rubs against clothing and causes irritating friction or you want it gone for cosmetic reasons, the Skin & Beauty Center’s board-certified dermatologists can help. Contact us […]

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Mohs Surgery

Mohs Micrographic Surgery is a special technique used to remove skin cancers. It is a complicated, time consuming technique and is therefore only used in special circumstances. The usual indications for using Mohs Surgery to treat a skin cancer are: a skin cancer that has been shown to be an aggressive type on the biopsy

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Skin Cancer Treatment

Skin Cancer Screening Request an Appointment Skin Cancer Skin cancer, which is the most common form of cancer in the United States, is the result of the abnormal growth of skin cells. Cancer can affect skin anywhere on the body, but most frequently appears on skin that is exposed to the sun. There are more

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Mole Removal

Most moles are normal and can exist on your body without changing or causing problems. Occasionally, new moles pop up or old moles change and can cause concern or embarrassment. The procedures most commonly used to remove moles are either a shave biopsy or a punch biopsy. Any mole removed in our offices is sent

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