What is Brotox?

The signs of aging on the face, including the formation of fine lines and wrinkles from skin laxity, can make women feel as though they look older than they are. And many women believe that men age much more gracefully than they do. However, men have concerns too, and the formation of dynamic wrinkles on the upper third of the face can still develop for men as well as women. While women go to the doctor to obtain Botox injections, men can obtain the same solution under the name of “Brotox.”

What is “Brotox?”

Brotox is just a fun play on work with Botox when used for men. Botox is a neuromodulator that works by reducing muscle tension. Instead of injecting Botox into the wrinkles and folds of concern as a doctor would a dermal filler, Botox is injected into muscles to calm them and reduce tension. The result? Smoother skin and no forehead folds, glabellar lines, or crow’s feet!

How long do the result of Botox last?

Botox does not immediately show results, as it takes a few days for the nerve signals to receive the message from this medication. However, once the area smooths, patients will enjoy the results for several months before reinjection is needed. If patients do not maintain regular injections, the dynamic wrinkles will return as they once were. Patients serious about treating these lines and imperfections need to be aware that regular treatments are necessary. Fortunately, Botox and other cosmetic injectables, such as dermal fillers and collagen stimulators, can delay the need for more invasive procedures such as facelifts and browlifts that come with increased risk of infection, scarring, and other complications.

Considering “Brotox?”

Men residing in the California area who are interested in discussing the benefits of Botox injections for their appearance are strongly encouraged to book a consultation appointment with our team at the Skin and Beauty Center. We are excited to offer a wide range of clinical and cosmetic treatments for both men and women who want to address skin concerns that are impacting their appearance and reducing their self-confidence. We have six convenient locations throughout California to choose from!

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