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Impromptu photos are being snapped all the time in today’s selfie-obsessed world. You can always delete undesirable ones you take yourself but what about selfies your friends capture that you’re in? Moments later, your less than camera-ready mug could be uploaded to Facebook or Instagram for all the world to see. It’s enough to make you nervous just seeing someone with a smart phone in their hand! Want to relax and be ready for your next close-up at a moment’s notice? Here’s 5 things you can do to achieve photo-ready skin:

Minimize Dark Circles
Unfortunately photos tends to accentuate dark under-eye circles and in some it may appear what you really need is a good night’s sleep. You probably already know to get the requisite amount of shut-eye. But you can also try relaxing with cucumber slices or damp, cool tea bags placed over your eyes to help reduce puffiness. Still troubled by dark circles? It could be you’re pre-dispositioned to have darker under eye pigment. Consider camouflaging the area with a under eye concealer matched to your skin tone.

Shrink Those Pores

There’s nothing worse than the lens zooming in to reveal enlarged or clogged pores, ie. blackheads you weren’t even aware you had. Use a cleanser containing 2% salicylic acid to reduce the appearance of visible pores. This beta hydroxy acid is a gentle, chemical exfoliant that can rid pores of impurities and bring them down to size.

Diminish Distracting Pimples
You never know when someone’s going to include you in their next selfie. Likewise, you never know when the next zit is going to pop up and mar your complexion. Battle unexpected flare-ups with an acne spot treatment product that contains benzoyl peroxide. Or go the natural route and briskly whisk an egg white before applying it directly onto a pimple in order to shrink it. Once you apply a little cover-up, only you will be the wiser!

Cleanse Ever So Gently

Exfoliating scrubs and masks are great for sloughing off dead skin cells but there’s no need to use them every day. Once or twice a week is more than sufficient and sensitive-skin types may elect to avoid them altogether. Stripping your skin of natural oils can cause sebaceous glands to go into overdrive and lead to a breakout you didn’t see coming. The exact opposite of that fresh-scrubbed look you were going for. Best to stick with a gentle, effective cleanser suited to your skin type most of the time.

Moisturize Without Fail

You know that dewy look you’re always after? If you want your next selfie to showcase the same, daily application of a good moisturizer is a must. As with enlarged pores, dry and flaky skin shows up in photos in the least attractive way. If you’ve got particularly oily skin, opt for a water-based formula that will hydrate without clogging pores. Then smile, you’re ready for your close-up!

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