Pores and Extractions Q & A

Sarah N. Hernandez, L.E.
Licensed Aesthetician

Q: I’m embarrassed to ask, but what exactly is a pore?
A: I’m happy you asked! Pores are little openings we have on our faces designed to aid in our bodies’ detoxification process. Our pores secrete sweat, oil, toxins and dead skin which can be very clogging.

Q: Will extractions help clear my clogged pores? And do they hurt?
A: Yes, extractions will absolutely help clear clogged pores, and if done correctly, are minimally painful. Steam and exfoliation prep the skin by softening hardened oil and debris in your pores, making this process more comfortable.

Q: What can I do to shrink my pores? When I look in the mirror, they’re all I see on my skin.
A: Pore size is predetermined by genetics. No product can make your pores smaller, no matter the claim. (I know, bummer) On a promising note, if your pores are congested or clogged, there are several ways to minimize their appearance. Lasers, microneedling, scheduling regular facial appointments and having professional exfoliation treatments (such as chemical peels and microdermabrasions), all greatly help minimize the appearance of pores. We offer cosmetic consultations to help determine which treatment best suits your skincare goals overall.

Q: Anything I can do to make extractions easier or less time consuming?
A: Drinking enough water to keep your skin hydrated is essential to overall skin health. When it comes to extractions, the more hydrated your skin, the easier the impactions release. It’s also important to maintain your skin with the proper at-home skincare regimen to keep your pores clear.

pores and extractions Q: You’ll be able to extract ALL my blackheads/whiteheads if I come in for a facial, right?
A: We do our best by giving plenty of time for extractions with our facials. However, every face is different and sometimes multiple visits are required. Congruent to working out or hitting the gym one time and expecting to reach a fitness goal, so goes for your skin.

The more you put into your skin, the more results you will see.

Q: Can I extract at home if a breakout is really bothering me?
A: I get this question often, and the truth is, self-extraction often leads to scarring or cystic breakouts, which are under the surface and difficult to treat. I’d advise against it, as it’s best left to professionals. If you’re in between appointments and need a fast fix, try icing your breakout! The swelling will go down after 10 mins or so. Lots of my patients have had success in this arena; it’s worth a try! Best of success!

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