New Year’s Skin Care Resolutions

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The trick to making and keeping a New Year’s resolution is to break it
down into easy-to-achieve steps. Making broad statements like “I’m
going to lose weight this year” without a specific plan in place
usually results in the whole idea being abandoned by mid-to-late

Keeping your skin healthy and glowing is definitely a series of steps.
If a great complexion is one of your goals this year, follow these
simple skin care resolutions for success:

Apply sunscreen daily even when the sky is overcast. Harmful UV rays
can penetrate your skin and cause damage on cloudy days too.

Apply moisturizer fresh out of the shower. Still damp skin is most
receptive to a moisturizing lotion’s healing and moisturizing

Exfoliate regularly. Getting rid of dead skin cells keeps your skin
looking fresh and bright. But be careful not to overdo it, especially
in the drier winter months. Once or twice a week is plenty.

Remove makeup at night. Cosmetics can trap skin-damaging free
radicals that float in the air. Take time for a thorough cleansing
before bed. If you’re just too beat, makeup remover towelettes can do
the job in a pinch.

Book a yearly skin check with your dermatologist. Skin cancer is
treatable and curable when detected early. Perform monthly self-exams
and keep an eye out for suspicious looking moles and other

Maintain good health habits. Remember, the overall state of your
health shows up on your skin. Get enough sleep, eat right and exercise
regularly for vibrant-looking skin.

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