Keep your Chin Up

Kybella® is the only FDA-approved treatment for “submental fat”, which is also known as a double chin. It is a highly successful treatment that can achieve results consistent with surgical “chin tucks”, without the use of knives. As with any treatment, there are some special precautions, common and not common side effects and possible complications, but I find that if patients are assessed, patient satisfaction with Kybella® injections is above 90%.

Injections…you say?

Yes, the medication is delivered via a series of injections in the affected area, but even the most needle-phobic patient can be a good candidate for this treatment. I would rate the treatment as extremely tolerable. Many patients don’t even feel the needles as they are the same size as the needles we use for neurotoxin treatments. Tiny!

Who is a good candidate? Almost any patient who is experiencing normal aging is a good candidate. The reason for this is there is a natural tendency for patients to deposit fat in the “double chin” area over time. This contributes to a heavier looking lower face. Kybella® works against that fat accumulation by dissolving it using a naturally occurring substance that aids in the breakdown and absorption of fat. Since some patients have more fat accumulation than others, the amount of product recommended will vary. Your provider will be able to estimate how many vials of product you will need to achieve optimal results.

Woman with defined chin Treatments are done over a series of sessions and results will be seen over the duration of a few months. I tell my patients that peak effect will be about six months from the date that we begin treatment and I usually treat once every month to every two months depending on the patient. Most patients need anywhere from 3-5 vials for optimal results.

Some of my happiest aesthetic patients are Kybella® success stories. They feel younger, more confident, and they didn’t have to have surgery to achieve results. They appear as if they lost weight (although they didn’t) and their faces look more youthful in shape and definition. I am thrilled to be able to offer this unique and safe treatment to my aesthetic patients.

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