Filler Application – it’s easier than you think!

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When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? Or do the
crow’s feet around your eyes and laugh lines on your cheeks make you
want to do something about them? The vast array of dermal filler
products available today IS tempting and you know one of them could be
just right for you. An injectable filler could make a huge difference
in your appearance if only, if only….

Okay, so you admit you have a slight aversion to needles and it’s been
holding you back. You cringe at the thought of having to endure
multiple pricks. Did you know you don’t have to? Blunt-tip cannulas –
or microcannulas as they’re often called – are revolutionizing the way
dermal fillers are applied.

A blunt-tip cannula is a very thin, tiny, flexible hollow tube with a
smooth round tip. Once an entry point has been established with a
traditional needle, the cannula slides under skin to the areas
designated to be treated with filler. One flexible long cannula is
capable of inserting filler throughout a targeted area from a single
point of entry or puncture with a traditional needle.

Blunt-tip cannulas or microcannulas are quickly replacing traditional
hypodermic needles as the go-to method for injecting fillers. No need
for multiple pricks to address a complete area. You’ll likely only
need experience one prick on each side of the face followed by quick
insertion of a cannula for smooth delivery of filler.

Just think! You can get the results you long for with very little or
of the discomfort you imagine. Fewer needle pricks means less
chance of bruising, swelling and associated pain. It also means
downtime is significantly reduced as is the chance of complications.

Now nothing should hold you back from erasing years from your face.
Ask us about blunt-tip cannulas today. May is a great month to come in
– we’re offering 15% off two incredible fillers – Belotero and Perlane.

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