Are You Washing Your Face Properly?

young girl washes with clean water

The whole point of face washing is to unclog pores, dissolve dirt and
makeup as well as remove excess oils. And contrary to popular thought,
“squeaky clean” is not what you should be aiming for. Here’s some tips
on how to get the job done right:

• Make sure you’re using the correct cleanser for your skin type.
Unless specially formulated, it’s probably best to avoid bar soap
which can be particularly drying.
• One nightly cleanse may be all you need unless you have a skin
condition like acne. Washing twice a day (morning and night) can cause
dryness especially as individuals age.
• Wash your hands first and remove any eye make-up before you begin to
cleanse your face.
• Use lukewarm water. It’s a myth that pores open and close, so
there’s no need to wash with hot water or rinse with cold water.
• Wet your face completely and squeeze a dime-sized amount of cleanser
onto your fingertips. Rub them together and using a circular motion,
massage the cleanser onto your skin. Don’t scrub!
• Start by washing your forehead, work your way down to your nose,
then outward to your cheeks continuing downward to your jawline and
• Rinse thoroughly, then pat dry with a clean towel.

Note: Exfoliating cleansers are excellent for sloughing off dead skin
cells, but it’s best to practice moderation and limit their use to
once or twice a week to avoid excessive dryness.

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