Are You … and Your Skin… Getting Enough Sleep?

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Okay, so maybe you apply sunscreen religiously. You also have a quality skin care regimen in place. Good for you! Still, if you’re not getting enough sleep at night, you’re missing out on one of the key elements of beautiful skin.

Studies have shown that sleep deprivation has facial side-effects. It’s likely you’re familiar with most of them. Consequences include dark circles under eyes, puffy eyes, droopy eyelids, lackluster skin, more pronounced fine lines and wrinkles, even volume loss around the folds of the mouth. Not surprisingly sleep deprived people give off an impression of being weary or sad.

Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep and its contribution to vibrant looking skin. Here’s some tips on how to maximize your zzzzz’s:

• Establish a sleep schedule and stick with with it.
• Refrain from lengthy afternoon naps. A “power nap” – maybe. An hour or two – no!
• Get some form of physical exercise daily
• No alcohol or caffeine a few hours before your bedtime
• No food consumption right before you turn in
• Create a night time ritual which may include a hot bath, reading, soothing music or meditation

And here’s another tip. Did you know that sleeping on your back can cause less wrinkles? It’s true. Even the softest pillow puts pressure on your face each night. Over the years this can etch lines into your chin, cheeks or forehead. So get your eight hours, preferably on your back. Remember, sleep is an important step towards beautiful smooth skin.

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