Are Dracula Facials the key to Eternal Youth?

Microneedling combined with platelet rich plasma is the newest anti-aging and acne scar treatment that we offer and is a quick and comfortable procedure that gives a tremendous boost to your skin’s natural ability to make collagen. I use this treatment for patients who are concerned about wrinkles, thin skin, sagging skin, acne scars, volume loss or loss of elasticity.

As a physician, safety is my biggest priority and every treatment has its own risk profile. But what I love so much about this treatment (and why it has become one of the most common anti-aging procedures that I recommend and am performing now) is that it is incredibly safe. However, please be aware that microneedling with platelet rich plasma is  not an FDA approved treatment. There are very limited studies as to the actual benefit of these treatments, how often they should be performed and if they are safe. I have done my own research and have concluded that microneedling and PRP treatments are extremely safe.

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There are two parts to this procedure:

  1. We take your blood and spin it in a centrifuge to obtain platelet rich plasma (PRP).
  2. We perform microneedling on your skin using your PRP as a glide. The microneedling process allows the PRP to penetrate deep into your skin where it stimulates collagen and healing of the skin to make it more youthful and/or to fill in acne scars.

Female vampireThe whole process takes about 60 minutes from start to finish including applying the topical numbing cream. It is well tolerated and recovery is quick at only about 4 days. I have performed dozens of microneedling procedures with PRP and patients love the results. Many of my patients want to look better but they are concerned about looking “fake” or “frozen” if they get toxins or fillers injected. I am pleased to offer this treatment for especially these patients as their is nothing “artificial” about it. Although results vary from person to person, in some, the results can be dramatic.

I have had tremendous success with this treatment and I highly recommend it to anyone who has any concerns about aging or acne scars as well. Please schedule a consultation with one of our highly experienced providers and see if it is right for you!

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