Aging Gracefully

We all want to age gracefully, however that definition is unique for each of us. For me, aging gracefully means embracing each year of my life as a gift and enjoying it! It also means feeling good about myself with a little help from medical grade skincare and cosmetic procedures. One of the main concerns I hear from patients considering cosmetic treatments is looking unnatural or “done.” I believe this is a very valid concern and that the best cosmetic work is undetectable work. Little tweaks here and there that provide a refreshed look and enhance one’s unique beauty rather than changing someone’s face altogether is the best approach. You want friends and family saying that you look great without being able to point out exactly what has changed. That being said, it is also important to have realistic expectations.

Model with beautiful skinFor example, if you have naturally very thin lips, it is not advisable to attempt to achieve an Angelina Jolie pout. The result may end up looking a little funny. Not everyone’s face shape and structure can support these types of enhancements, which is why it is so important to seek a skilled provider who will give you their honest opinion and best judgment.

I recommend having an expert consultation with someone you trust. Look at your provider’s portfolio, credentials, specialty, patient reviews, workspace etc. During your consultation, make sure to ask questions and that you feel comfortable with your provider. If you do not feel comfortable, you can graciously say “thank you, I’m going to take some time to think about it,” and move on until you feel confident with your decision on a procedure and provider.

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At SBC Dermatology, we pride ourselves in catering a plan to each individual’s needs and anatomy. We embrace the unique features that make you who you are! Trying something new can be scary but I have found that research, education and knowing as much as possible before diving into something is the best way to ease some of those nerves. Nobody actually NEEDS to have cosmetic procedures done, but if it’s something you have been considering and would like to do for yourself, it’s worth exploring. A little bit of self care here and there can go a long way in improving our overall self esteem. Our techniques with filler and Botox have come such a long way I promise you don’t have to look crazy!

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