5 Gifts to Give Your Skin This Holiday Season

Giving a gift

No doubt about it, this is a busy time of year. In the rush to complete to-do’s on your ever-growing list, there’s definitely a temptation to stay up an hour or two past your usual bedtime. Who’s going to know? Your skin, that’s who. Consequences include dark circles under eyes, puffiness, droopy eyelids, more pronounced fine lines and wrinkles and lackluster skin in general. Not exactly your best party look! So do yourself a favor and get your usual quota of shut-eye. You can deck the halls and wrap the gifts tomorrow or better yet, delegate!

The Gift of Hydration
You say temperatures are cooler these days so you’re not as thirsty? Never a valid reason to drink less water. Staying hydrated will keep you energized and alert, help your skin retain its moisture and keep your body temperature regulated. Adding a squeeze or two of fresh lemon juice might curb the tendency to overindulge during this food-focused time of year and will help flush out the toxins even if you do.

The Gift of Proper Cleansing
The party was festive, you had a great time but now you’re deadbeat. All you want to do is flop into bed, right? Wrong! First you’ve got to remove your make-up especially since you probably applied a little more than usual for that extra holiday sheen. Cosmetics can trap skin-damaging free radicals that float in the air so always take a moment to cleanse. Makeup remover towelettes are fast and easy in moments like these so be sure to always have a supply on hand.

The Gift of Proper Nutrition
It seems like an open box of chocolates or a plate of cookies tempts at every turn during the holiday season, doesn’t it? And while it’s okay to indulge from time to time, the best “treat” for your skin is to continue to mostly choose foods from your regular diet. You know, the ones that are hopefully rich in vitamins and antioxidants. That’s the best way to maintain a healthy holiday glow.

And the Ultimate Treat – A Facial!
Once you’re done scurrying around finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list, another perfect idea would be to book a professional facial for yourself. If holiday spending is taking its toll and you can’t spare the expenditure, consider rounding up some pals for a do-it-yourself facial night. It’ll be an opportunity to put your feet up and do something nice for your skin. The whole time you’ll be laughing and relaxing with friends which is really what the holiday season is about, after all.

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