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Leah Suzanne Adler, SBC Aesthetician

Leah Suzanne Adler is a California State Licensed Esthetician who is eager to share her passion for skin care and beauty with her patients. At a very young age Leah recognized her love for makeup and skin care. As a teen and young adult Leah suffered with acne and worked with many different products, procedures, and treatments to clear her skin. She understands how difficult and defeating it can be to deal with acne on your own which has helped her to shape a treatment model of complete care with our board certified providers.

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Leah helps patients understand they’re not alone on their skincare journey. She delights in educating patients on their treatment options, at-home routines and many different approaches to clear, healthy and gracefully aged skin. She loves when her patients come back looking and feeling their best. Leah is also a certified makeup and microblading artist. She has been working in the beauty industry since 2018.

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